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Yariv Bash
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Yariv Bash

Company: SpaceIL
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: -, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Digital, Technology
Twitter: yarivbash

Yariv Bash is Co-Founder and CEO of Flytrex, a leading consumer drone technology company that develops consumer drones as well as black boxes for multirotors and quadcopters. Flytrex recently released its premier drone Flytrex Sky, the world’s first cloud connected delivery drone
Yariv Bash was also the CEO and is the Founder of SpaceIL - the Israeli team competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize - a privately funded, unmanned race to the moon, competing for $30 million prize established by Google.
SpaceIL's goal is to make Israel the 3rd country to successfully land on the moon (after the USA's Apollo and an unmanned Soviet mission). SpaceIL is aimed at inspiring the young generation in Israel and abroad by creating interest in space and science. SpaceIL is registered as an Israeli non-profit, and is committed to donating all prize money to promote education and science.
SpaceIL has raised to date close to $50M as an Israeli non profit.
Yariv is an Electronics and computer engineer. In his spare time, Yariv organizes and participates in technological creativity events in Israel and around the world.