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Yobie Benjamin
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Yobie Benjamin

Company: token
Title: CTO
Location: Redwood City, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Investor
Twitter: yobie

Yobie Benjamin, recently named a 2015 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, is the co-founder of Avegant. Yobie Benjamin’s experience has spanned startups to mega enterprise companies. He was Global Chief Technology Officer of Citibank's Global Transaction Services/Institutional Clients Group, and Partner at Ernst and Young. Benjamin founded a web-based social enterprise GoodStorm that was acquired by Zazzle, a KPCB company. Benjamin is into wearable computing, synthetic biology, security, vertical search algorithms and software development. His personal projects include re-imagining space and satellite technologies to combat global warming and re-inventing the search paradigm and redefining payments. He is an angel investor and advises several startups. Benjamin is an expert in crowd funding raising $1.5MM for Avegant in Kickstarter and $3.4MM for Skully in Indiegogo. His portfolio includes Sandbox Interactive, Nixie, Skully Systems, Tappio, Zen Payroll, TunesMap and Skyport Systems. Benjamin sits on Intel Capital's enterprise technology boards. He graduated from the University of the Philippines