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Yoni Bloch
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Yoni Bloch

Company: Interlude
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: -
Fields of operation: Other
Twitter: yonibloch

Bloch grew up in Beer Sheva and at the age of 17 moved with his family to Lehavim. He started taking piano lessons when he was 6 years old, taught himself to play the guitar and the drums, and at 14 started to write songs and to compose music. His artistic journey started on the website Bama Hadasha ("new stage"), which allows aspiring artists to publish their work in the fields of prose, poetry, plastic arts, music, etc. The daughter of the chairman of the record company NMC heard Bloch's songs on the site and introduced the music to her father. In a short while, Bloch's songs were heard in the radio. Today, he is a very successful musician and his songs receive major airtime in Israel. Yoni is the founder and CEO of Interlude, a technology startup developing interactive video technology that turns passive, linear videos into user-directed, multi-path stories.