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Yuval Gerstein
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Yuval Gerstein

Company: GRIDI
Title: Creator
Fields of operation: Entertainment, Digital, Technology
Twitter: YuvalGerstein

Music producer and Guitarist with formal training at the Jerusalem music academy (2001­-2005), specialising in jazz guitar performance. Masters degree in creative practice (2010­-2011) from Goldsmiths Uni versity, London, UK.
Founding member of the band Coolo oloosh, who focused on live hip hop funk, recorded and toured around the world for over a decade, 2003­2014.
Gerstein recently created GRIDI , a large scale midi sequencer, which allows several people to create electronic music together, in an intuitive and visual way. GRIDI was built with a team of amazing engineers and programmers. GRIDI’s video tribute to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean has gained over 30 million views on F acebook and Youtube and has set off Gerstein’s career as a music technology maker.
Since then he has created other interactive projects and is working on further developing the connection between music, technology and innovation. More info at: www.yuvalgerstein.com